Personnel Retention and Acquisition


For more than a decade, the Staff Council has been calling for a concept and measures concerning personnel development. In 2009, we called for an age-structure analysis and a demographic change observation. Not much has happened since then.

As always, resources and time have been scarce. Now, we are starting to develop a procedure for a PE concept for scientists as well as for technical and administrative staff.

Appropriate PE measures have been developed, and, now, it is a question of which measures can be implemented. Once again, finances play a major role.

The ver.di list in the Staff Council is of the opinion that investment in suitable measures is absolutely necessary in order to retain our urgently needed staff. For far too long, the warnings and admonitions of the Staff Council and university members have not been heeded or have been heeded too little.

An investment in age-structure and fluctuation analysis, modern recruiting, employee orientation, tailor-made continuing education, and taking on apprentices…it’s an investment in the TU Berlin’s future. There cannot be massive cutbacks here because the plan contains urgently needed measures to overcome the crisis at the TU Berlin in the mid-term. It is not enough to just extinguish fires in the short term.

It has long been the eleventh hour in personnel!  We have already lost too many “old hands,” and valuable experience has gone with them. The remaining employees of many years are heavily burdened – to maximum load – in both coping with day-to-day business and simultaneously training new employees. The administration, which was already hanging by a thread before the lockdown in spring, is now lying on the ground.

Personnel retention can only succeed if you are paid appropriately as a TU employee, if your work is valued, if you can do further education “in peace,” if you can experience personal growth and if your work is not exploited to the point of exhaustion. We need managers with a strong backbone and a solid understanding of leadership, which the TU Executive Board personify in an exemplary manner.

We continuously stand for this in the Staff Council: “Ideas for good work: ver.di”



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