A Blessing and/or a curse? And what is that about data protection?

Digitization is advancing. It cannot be stopped. We must cooperate.

Are these statements correct? Shouldn’t we question them? What advantages do we really have from a digital world? How far can the digital world of work go? Must/should there be clear rules to separate us from our private life? How can/should we handle this with our employer?

What steps should we take next? Does it make sense to start the “Electonic Files Project” if SAP is not yet fully operational? Shouldn’t the large-scale SAP project be almost completed as well as evaluated first? The next step can only be taken when employees can work securely with SAP.

What about data protection? Does it help us or does it only block us? How can we communicate transparent decisions while protecting data? What solutions are there, for example, for the video/telephone conferences that are suddenly so important when we may not use certain apps at all? And who should communicate this to the employees?

Nobody wants to „pass the buck” by prohibiting the use of tools for data protection reasons.

We are committed to accompanying the ongoing digitalization process. We want digital working life to be safe, fast and effective.

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