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Without  personnel, there’s a bug in IT!


The lockdown has also made it clear at the TU that not everything, or perhaps very little, has been running smoothly in IT. In addition to the equipment, which is not fast enough or even mobile in many domains, there were also clear deficits in IT support from hardware and software administration to training and to explanations of how to use TU IT infrastructure.

The promise of new and better hardware as well as lump-sum grants for using personally-owned IT only help to a certain extent; the approach is not sufficient enough to establish a good foundation for IT at the TU on a permanent basis. Above all, we believe that there must be clear IT equipment rules and standards that are uniformly defined for all employees. If everyone does their own thing, IT will become increasingly complex and more difficult for the IT administration to manage.

How much work is piling up for the employees because they simultaneously have to deal with IT that is not functioning properly? What is the reason for this? Would it help to grant employees more rights to administrate IT themselves? Should more IT personnel be hired to provide employees with more IT support?  And if so, how can the TU find additional IT personnel? Is better payment necessary, and if so, how can this be achieved? Do employees know where to find IT support? Are there also clear rules concerning representation? How much is used for IT training to make better use of time and money?

We will address these questions openly and demand that permanent improvements are made rather than just adding a few drops in the bucket in the form of quickly purchased IT equipment and financial lump sums as “alibi improvements.”

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