„Appreciation is one of the most beautiful forms of recognition“ – Ernst Ferstl

In any workplace, appreciation works even better than a magic potion because it is sustainable. Appreciation is known to promote success in the modern workplace, but „appreciation“ is often reduced to a pay raise alone – but even appropriate and fair payment does not give management a free ride to exercise harsh tones or a dubious leadership style.


Appreciation is an excellent remedy for conflicts, misunderstandings, missteps and the failure of an organization. It creates a „win-win“ situation – both for management and for employees.

By establishing a culture of appreciation, the employer reaps the benefits of a positive working environment, in general, and creates room for greater motivation, creativity, resilience, teamwork and satisfaction. This inevitably leads to lower employee fluctuation and higher employer attractiveness.

The situation at TU Berlin:

At the TU Berlin, staff representatives have focused on this topic in their field of work because far too many employees at our university complain about this aspect missing from their working lives. The Staff Council has regularly stressed the general situation (employee dissatisfaction) to university management, and it has called for and proposed counteractive measures.

The TU management has partially recognized the situation and has partially taken into account the Staff Council’s suggestions. Unfortunately, the implementation is still to be seen! The situation at the TU Berlin has not improved significantly, so there is an urgent need for action.

Our ver.di list will continue to address this important topic and call for action!


At the TU Berlin, excellence is often invoked! Why are we excellent as the TU Berlin?

  • because we are competent and have excellent personnel
  • because we have been able to recruit the best scientists
  • because we provide the best teaching
  • because we have the best working conditions for our scientific personell
  • because we have the best supporting personell who are committed to guaranteeing the working conditions that are required and necessary

With motivated employees, good communication and a good working environment, the TU Berlin can successfully retain employees, lower employee fluctuation and increase its attractiveness as an employer.

Our secret? A culture of appreciation!

A good choice: ver.di    CHOOSE ver.di – so that this becomes reality!


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