Our canditates for the elections to the AS / EAS 2021


We are 22 colleagues on the ver.di list 2021 from different departments of TU Berlin. This ensures the possibility of interdisciplinary cooperation that understands and can represent the interests of all status groups at our university.


Excellent Uni only works together!


1. Susanne Teichmann

Center for Junior Scholars (CJS)

2. Dr. Anja Günther

ZUV, Executive Office

3. Stefan Damke

Faculty V

4. Kirsten Ewald

Faculty VII

5. Mirko Ückert

ZI School of Education (SETUB)

6. Nico Rudolph


ZUV, Office of Communication, Events and Alumni

7 Rolf Kunert

Faculty II


Friederike Demmel

Faculty V

9. Claudia Ben Nasrallah

Faculty II

10. Sandra Heck

Faculty VI

11. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Schuchardt

Faculty IV

12. Anke Heymann

Faculty V

13. Dr. Ulrike Gaebel

Faculty III

14. Mario Lasch

Faculty V

15. Christian Schröder

ZUV, Department I E

16. Anja Höschel

ZUV, Department SDU

17. Katja Heinrich

ZUV, Department IV

18. Antje Kobeleff

ZUV, Department III

19. Susan Mehr

Faculty VII

20. Marcus Bleil

Faculty V

21. Dr.-Ing. André Baier

Faculty V

22. Daniel Weißmann

Faculty V